Thursday, March 29, 2012

True words VS Fake words.

I totally agree to this saying .

But i'm really upset...

Because majority of the ppl don't get it.

I'm always being the straightforward me; saying what i think.

But whenever i'm like that , ppl think that i'm bad or whateva.

I confess that sometimes what i said might be too overboard.

OK that is my fault, i sincerely apologise for that.

But sometimes people need to learn to accept the true words.

Instead of listening to the fake ones, continue self-deceit yourself.

True words are meant to be ugly but

They can brought you to a realistic world ; letting you know the ugly side.

"If you want to live in your fairytale place,

Listening to how people "compliment" about you,

Then might as well don't live "

Because you're just freaking living in a fantasy.

True words are words that they really mean in a truthful way.

They are words that meant no harm.

But just letting you know the ugly truth , is that wrong ?!?!

Let me list an example :

Friend A is a very arrogant person.

He/she has 2 best frens : Fren B & C.

B: Hey fren, you are starting to get arrogant now...

Fren A got upset because he/she doesn't believe it so he ask fren C.

A: Hey, am i really arrogant? Fren B said i was.

C: Noo, you are not. You're so humble man, where got arrogant sia..

In the end Fren C went around saying bad things about fren A.

So yup, if you're fren A , which fren would you like?

A fren that tells you the nasty truth?

Or a fren that keep things from you then hurt you at the back?

Think about it.

Sometimes true words can let you see the light.

Though it hurts, it holds a special meaning.

Don't always think about how hurtful the words are.

Instead, think about how useful the true words can be.

If the nasty truth can make you change to a better person ;

Why not heed it ???

Okie, enough of my rants.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The feeling is there


HELLO peeps, I'm back yea (:
This week is much more relaxed than ytd.
But i'm starting to get more TESTS already .
Damn, really hate to study for tests :/
Anyway i've changed my BLOG SONG !!!
Do listen to it okiieeee (:
Currently, I watched back Running Man again.
Started @ Episode 65 , quite fast right ?
Hehes, RUNNING MAN is so damn nice yea!!

During our BP day, we can choose where we wanna go .
Or what we wanna do .
The shiok thing is my class is PLANNING a RUNNING MAN game!
Hmm, i think that the game will be freaking fun.
Though i'm part of the organising team, I CAN STILL TAKE PART.
(Y) Freaking excited of Bp day to arrive (:

Okkiiie enough of these crap.
Last friday, went out with my pri sch fren : Jacinda!!!
Hehehs, really had so much fun with this ass.
She's like so freaking cute & epic alright.
So many FREAKING EPIC things happened when i'm with her.
I swear i almost died laughing because of her.


I looked so dark here...
Epic face.
Sweet (:
My fake smile...

I like this effect man~
The most famous pouting lips style.

Love this the most ^^
Antique style

Pig- rabbit!!

Ending with this retarded face of mine...
Bye (:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm just so sick of you

ANYEONG everybody, I'm back ^^
A HAPPY 17TH birthday! (Y)
Hehehs hope she like the sketchbook & present! (:

Secondly, I'm alright already .
Everytime think of my ah gong, i will go emo ....
Cause his condition isn't very good & ya only has 30% of recovery!
BUT WELL, i believe my ah gong can overcome it!!!
I'm going to think postitive, 危机就是转机!
So yupp, no point dwelling over it so much.

I told my Ah gong that i'm going to fold 1000 cranes for him.
Everyday i will fold 10 of it.
So until the 100 days, nothing will happen to him.
&he smiled . (:

Lastly, actually last week is a STRESS week for me.
Everyday , i'm fretting over different things.
So yup, i'm like so freaking stressed ...
Haishhh, too much things to do already :/
Now finally a lot of things are cleared .
Ytd went to Bugis to celebrate Yijia's birthday .
Watched HUNGER GAMES, omgggg...
So freaking nice man, IT'S A MUST TO WATCH OK!!!
Rate it 10/10 , except that the ending a bit suck :/
Hmm hope there's HUNGER GAMES 2 !!!

This lady is god damn cool!!!

Alright enough of commenting, really feel like watching IT AGAIN!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marks the end of our friendship.

Actually i would like to correct the word: AMAZING.
Hmm i think A.W.E.S.O.M.E would BE A BETTER WORD!!
I went through a long timeeee before i could let go .
Each time it happened, i just brush it off.
But deep inside, it hurt deeply.
Now it no longer does ...
& Everytime when that person came back ,
I'm thinking in my heart that
I don't fucking need you anymore.
& Now sorry to say that .
I'm pretty irritated when that person is present...
It sounds so ironic because it reflects the way back last time.
In the past , you used to depend on that person like crazy.
Part of you needs it because you're afraid of loneliness.
But when that person left you for other stupid reasons ,
You're freaking angry but you just forgive & forget .

Buttt now, once you had enough of that person ,
You just stop caring or whatever shit.
You just started to detest him/her everything .
Whatever they did, you will be irritated.
You just want them to leave your life...

So i'm really counted lucky.
Because finally i get to be cruel & stop it .
& I wouldn't get hurt by that person anymore.
Because i stopped caring.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Please god, i really please you.
My grandfather is already 85 years old ...
Please spare him few more years with us .
Don't take him so fast away from us .
I really don't wish to see him leaving us.
Just because of that bad fall, he is hospitalised
FOR 1 MONTH -_____________-
Went IN & OUT of ICU for like countless times.
His condition is so unstable ; happening .
I really hope he can be okay, PLEASE GOD.

My Ah Gong is a strong man with a strong will.
I believe he will not leave us .
He can tolerate his pain , he can do it because of us.
HE CAN!!!!

I really want to do something to help him.
Even though i can't feel his pain,
I know he is really very tired & feeling awful.
Other than talking, what else can i do ?
Can anyone tell me what should i do?!?!?!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I am truly sorry


ANYEONG peeps, I'm back!!!
Hehes, guess what i have done today!

Okayyy recently had been over-exerting myself .
Kept on working + studying+ going out ; NO TIME TO REST!
Seriously, somemore kept on going under the rain .
Worst, i didn't even bring umbrella ...

So yup, i had a serious running nose ytd.
Slept @ 11pm ytd but CAN'T FREAKING SLEEP.
Simply because it's too hot & i kept on coughing!!!
I really cough until like no tomr -.-
Then i kept on being like this until 3am.
WORST is my Alarm never ring!!!
So in the end my mum woke me up @ 7.15am
Hah, was super tired due to lack of sleep ytd.
My flu haven't recovered ; having block nose.
So yup, I DIDN'T WENT FOR SCHOOL today!!!

Okk here's the amazing part.
Normally, when i'm throwing temper or making a fuss
that I DUN WAN TO GO school
even when i am having slight fever or what ;

Either forcefully dragg me out of bed.
Or Scream @ me real loud.
But this time she didn't say anything at all.
So yupp, i took her consent as granted so i went back to sleep.
Hah, after waking up , i asked her the reason why .
She said 我已经长大了; 知道该怎么做。
So yup, felt real BAD when she said that .
Haish , i should have been more mature & went to school .
Instead of being like a pig ; wanting to sleep more...
My mum trusted me of being right but in the end i let her down.
Due to my childishness; my laziness.

Sorry mum :/
I will never be like this again , i swear.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last day of HOLIDAY

ANYEONGGGG everybody, I'm back!
Haishhhhh , today's the last day of MARCH HOLIDAY.
So sadd sia, why march holiday is only 1 week ?
Why can't it be 1 month ???!!!
Somemore , my cher said this is the last holiday for US!
Omggg , haven't even enjoy well sia ):
& I haven't earned at least $200 yet !!!
Haishhh forget it uh , need to quit working already.
Mum had been nagging me for WEEKS!!!
Arghh* In order to stop her from (*&*%^&$$# further,
I promised her that i will not work for JUNE holidays!
Hmm, hope i really will stay to my promise.
(Actually i bet i will ) hah kidding :x

My last day of work in this holiday!
@ Clarke Quay, WOOTS (Y)
Hope i can earn more today!!!
Tata ^^

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back to original

HELLO peeps ; I'm back yea~~~
Hehehs, i'm here to UPDATE my lifeee...
Okie basically this MARCH holiday is definitely not enough for me.
Hmm, i bet you guys think so too right?
Everyday is fully packed for me -.-
& I go out everyday FYI.
Spent like 3/4 of my days with my pri sch frens .
Monday went to SENTOSA with my ASCC frens <3
Super duper fun & enjoyable for me.
Ps random, i'm craving for KFC 2 piece chicken @ $5 only!
Butt too bad, now i'm having a very BAD sore throat now.
&&&& I had a very MAN voice now :O

Okayy shall cut the crap.
Took these with my ASCC frens (:

Rachel & I (:
Michelle & I ^^
Zanda & I :D
Ziyan & I :]
Shi Min & I ^-^
Ming Ni & I xD
Group photo ; acting cheesy , LOL
Cool style (:
Potential bodyguards, HOHO
Epic much

Pervert face; Ming Ni damn good at it
The duck flying POSE!

Hahah, this is a GOOD shot though
Smile (:
Acting like NERDS, LOL
I love this the most ^^

This is cool too!

Hope you guys enjoy looking (:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's an endless cycle

Nowadays i'm just lazy to have a proper update.
Because updating my life is so common/ boring.
Instead i've something to say ...
Just suddenly have the inspiration to type it all.
Afterall i have been through lately ; I realise nothing can bring me down.
(Maybe there're some things that will )
Buttt at least not for the same old thing again...

Cause 我学乖了
One advice for you :
Don't bother to give chances if someone hurt you.
Trust me .
You must be hard-hearted / cruel .

--------------------------My story---------------------------
The 1st time i got hurt; i just brush it off.
The 2nd time ; angry & sad but still endure as much as i can.
the 3rd time ; i got so fed up & eventually told everything out.
the 4th time ; i'm questioning myself whether i didn't make myself clear enough
the 5th time ; i just stopped because i know it's useless
But i just kept on cryinggggggg #real pathetic

LMFAO; look @ how many chances i have given.
FYI ; it's endless unless you yourself stopped it.
What i mean stopped is :
Stop wasting your time to say all those bullshit.
Stop caring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tell you guys .
No matter how many chances you give, it's not ENOUGH.
75% of the ppl can't change but just pretend for just a short while.
Just a short while ; they make you happy.
Another later ; your heart is bleeding .

" A leopard can't change its spot "
So you shouldn't give any chances at all.
WHAT IF you didn't give any chance right from the S.T.A.R.T ;
Then all these hurt wouldn't happen
& The cycle wouldn't happen again & again.

Think about it.
Even if one chance you give ;
there will be 80% chance you will get hurt again.
Still prefer like that ?
It's your choice but choose it wisely.

One last thing :
There's no wrong being CRUEL or heartless.
Because you're just protecting yourself from getting hurt.
From the shit cycle to happen numerously.
Only 10% of your frens will change because of what you said.
90% just pretend for awhile to let you see .
After that ; their true colours will be out again.
So it's like an endless cycle...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's over

I experienced it before not once; not twice ; way more than that
& well it's the same everytime.
Ironic much? Or i called it ULTIMATELY STUPID.
For giving so many chances that i had lost count everything.
But this time is the worst * i swear
& this incident really left me an indelible memory
CLEARLY ETCHED in my head.
The feeling that you really feel like crying ;
The feeling that you want to shout : WHAT THE FUCK.
The feeling that you want to talk to the person you trust SO MUCH.
The feeling that you feel so lonely & ashamed.
The feeling that you feel so indignant & unfair.

You really feel like breaking down.
Tears forming in your eyes.
But this time i did hold back my tears.
& I did it because i'm immune to it already.

Thanks really.
Best at abusing people's heart.

I must be so freaking gullible.
Crying ; Getting sad over the same old thing again.
In the end i just forgive of what u did& treat u back nicely.
& this is what i get back.
Haven't i given you enough chances/ trust?

Karma will come.
I strongly believe in it.
The hurt that you had given me ; you will get back.
I know that God is fair ...