Monday, May 12, 2014


Well like finally, I'm able to have a PROPER update.
Yes, if you might not notice; there's smth different about me that has changed.
Other than the fact that I grew taller (haha just for laugh)
Or you might have guessed judging from the picture, MY HAIR.
As you know, i'm really into purple since i was born #loyal #supporter 
Just to clarify so that your wouldn't think i like because of Bieber -.-
Genuinely, i really wanted to dye my hair PURPLE this time round.
Sadly but the hard truth is that you want purple, bleaching is not an option but a MUST.
FYI- My hair condition is already awful since the day my passion of swimming starts. 
So i couldn't afford to damage my hair anymore.
My hair colour is the combination of purple and red.
Apparently, people recognise as red ONLY with the help of sunlight effect.
If not, it's black colour HAHAHA seriously... 
Well, let's talk about the responses then.
*Sense heartbreaks*
A conclusion from the majority ;
Guys - Black hair suits you more
Ladies- OMG, you should have dyed this colour long ago
Damn, how am i supposed to feel from these responses?
Happy? Sad? Or what?
At first, i'm really bothered by what people think of my new hair.
Now, i don't give a damn cause it's MY hair.
As long as i like it, that's enough ;')

Following up next,
I've finally CHANGED my god damn phone.
From S2 
Honestly, it's really a TOUGH decision to choose between S5 and Iphone 5S.
Even I who hate being so indecisive, took a whole MONTH to think about it.
From researching the aspects to interviewing people who bought them.
Many asked me to take S5 , so do Iphone 5S.
Hence, i'm indeed puzzled of whether to choose this or that.
You might be wondering why my ultimate decision would be S5.
Everyone has a REQUIRED ASPECT when they are looking for a new phone.
So do I.
Because honestly, i cam-whore a lot and obviously i want to look great in every pictures.
If you know me well, I'd choose to trust rather than suspect you.
Hence, i chose to believe that Samsung promoter who claimed that S5's camera is way better.
S5's camera is absolutely great EXCEPT the front camera.
Which brings me back to the next point, a hint of regrets engulfed me.
If only, i bother to compare visually between Iphone and Samsung.
I would have gotten Iphone 5S than S5.
What to do when you've already bought it ???
The only comfort that i can tell myself is "BE CONTENTED"
Thus, I've come accustomed to the truth and having S5 is not that bad afterall.
Who knows maybe i might complain even more if i take Iphone instead?

Life is just so unpredictable,
People too.
You think you know people but they surprise you.

 Okay, i think it's time for me to hit the sack.
Nights, will try to update more if i'm free.
Much kisses. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

#8 in Taiwan (LAST DAY)

Hello, alright here's my last post about Taiwan.
Yea, i know I've been dragging this Taiwan post since infinity.
Pardon me because i really don't have enough time to spare.
And each post took me 3 hours to get it done so thanks for the patience ya!
After this post, I'd come up with a proper update post *pinky promise*

As the saying goes "Time waits for no one"
In a blink of an eye, it's time to say "GOODBYE TO TAIWAN" 
it only felt like I've just kissed Sg's goodbye yesterday...
Since we're running out of time in Taiwan, WHAT'S SLEEP?
In order to make our last day memorable, it's time for a bonding session!

First stop : 

FYI- Taiwan people call it as "SeWen- EleWen"
So if you're looking for one, please pronounce it right HAHA.
Thank god that we have one near our apartment so we make a trip there for SUPPER.
Taiwan CUP NOODLES are pretty well-known as they have a wide variety to choose from.
And each cup noodle comes with additional sauce/meat/side dish inside.
Which explains why some of my kiasu friends brought a couple of them back to Sg.

After SUPPER, it's time for BONDING SESSION.

PS : Don't see this at night if you have a weak heart.

Hahahaha,well he's not alone.
Everybody played a part because "ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE"

FYI- The cleanest face was the luckiest chap who managed to escape most of the penalties.
I guess the fun part was not about the games we were playing
Trying to think of ideas to decorate their faces and made them "prettier"
Apparently, Vanna sponsored her make-up set which includes :
Red lipstick, Pink Lipstick, Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil.
Yes please don't underestimate cuz these deadly items made all of us unrecognisable.
 At first, you felt like a total ugly clown when your face was being drawn.
But when you saw someone's face even ..., you were thinking like
And you laughed so badly to make a GREAT DEAL OUT OF IT so that you can forget yours.

A sneak peak of how "pretty" i am :') 
And here comes the highlight.
How i wish i get the chance to snap photos of them removing make-up.
Especially my dear guys.
Obviously, they have never tried make-up before; thus removing make-up is a problem.
The unforgettable moment is when they came out from toilets with their 
"HALF MAKE-UP" faces , complaining that the make-up couldn't be entirely removed.
Hahaha, which is somewhat similar to this picture but x1000000 time scarier :P

Bonding session ended at 5am as most of us were already half dead.
Slept for less than 2h and it's time to head to the airport.


That's when the discomfort of my churning stomach started to kick in.
I've no idea why but i bet it's due to the COLD sandwich i ate last night. 
How unlucky i was to fall sick on the last day of departure.
Visiting the toilet repeatedly for more than 10 times + Vomiting multiple times in a day;
It was really too much to handle EVEN WITH THE HELP OF MED.
So my whole journey back to Sg was mentally and physically drained.
Thank god that toilets are availabe on plane or else I'd have to buy PAMPERS.
LOL, idk whether to laugh or cry because I lost the kgs I've gained in Taiwan due to

definitely miss the (AIR-CON temp) weather in Taiwan :'(
obviously miss the life of "waking up>eat>shop>sleep" 
last but not least,
(Enjoy the last row of photos ) 

Bye Taiwan!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Day #6, #7

#6 in Taiwan ; 10th April
After a hectic night @ club, we finally get to hit the sack around 5 in the morning.
Practically, the entire morning/early afternoon was wasted x.x
Our next & final location of the day would be : XI MEN DING
After doing our research, we've decided to visit the famous à la carte restaurant.
Let me have this honour to intro how amazing this restaurant is.

First of all,
this restaurant's theme is all about TOILETS .
Hence, that explains why the seats are so cute and unique! 

In one glance, you might be mistaken that this is a normal toilet cubicle.
But if you look carefully, IT'S ACTUALLY A BASIN.
Holy shit, the level of coolness is really beyond imagination.
And i swear the designer who create the restaurant's layout is god damn smart. 

Followed by their food specialties, 
You can take a close look of how different their plates are compared to the norm.
Not only that, their menus are carved into SHIT shapes hahaha . 
Though the food is bit pricey, trust me (IT'S WORTH IT )
I swear I've never eaten such yummy food in my entire life.
I only have one word to comment about the food : DAEBAK <3 nbsp="" p="">


What comes next after having a sumptuous meal?!?!!?! 
Well, cam-whoring session starts now ^^

HAHAH look at my epic face. 

 After a heavy lunch, it's time for SHOPPING THERAPY.
To my dismay, all the stuffs sold there are SO PRICEY OMG.
That's because Xi Men Ding is considered as a famous attraction in Taiwan so yeaa.
How i wish i was in Bangkok instead x.x
Thankfully, the shoes there were considered cheap which costed around SGD16 for one pair.
So i bought 3 pairs of shoes + 1 bag :D
I'm pretty sure i spent the most on that day but EVERYTHING IS WORTH IT.
Love all the things I've bought from there despite the prices!  Especially my new purple kicks which i finally get to buy after hundred years.

Stupidly thought that buying new balance there will be cheaper 
It's actually the same exact price selling in Sg, oh well sighz.

After shopping for almost half a day, guess what we did next?!?!?! 

As all of my friends are KARAOKE fans, singing k has always been our frequent routine.
So if you are like us, you can visit HOLIDAY KTV!!!
It costed SGD 15+ per pax for 2 h of singing so i guess it's worth a deal.
Especially with the bonus of providing FREE DINNER BUFFET (Y)
Not only that, their rooms are so HUGE and High Class ;) 

#7 in Taiwan ; 11th April
The sudden realisation when there's only one more day left in Taiwan T.T
Too late for regrets so cherish the remaining time and make the best out of it :')

Another food recommendation would be "Tian Wai Tian Restaurant" which is smth like
SHABU where there's a wide variety of amazing FOOD available :')
Similar to Seoul Garden as they have steamboat/ grill too!
Quite worth it as it's only $24 per pax which you can eat till you're sick of it :P
Honestly, the grilled meat is the best especially BACON HAHAHAHAH
PS : Didn't take a lot of pics cuz the food is too tempting and i can't stop eating

No matter how full i am, there's always room for desserts.
And i always look forward to DESSERT TIME hohohoho.

Furthermore, we visited another famous attraction called ""
Mrt station : TamSui station
This is the perfect place for you to buy Taiwan's well- known  back ;)
FYI- please don't be so reckless like me to buy at the first stall.
Cause the whole street actually sells this and normally the first one is the most expensive ):
There're many flavours like Hot and Spicy, Normal, Pepper and many more.
Nevertheless , i prefer the Normal flavour and my family members LOVE this the most!
Please don't underestimate the weight of each packet, ain't light alright LOL.
And i love my family so much that i bought 15 packs back (3 CHEERS FOR ME)
Hahaha thank god that I've guy friends to share the load; if not i wouldn't have survived.

One interesting thing about this street is this shop :

Admission fee is SGD 3 per pax and you can get a chance to see
It might be a little gross,scary,unbelievable but it's worth a go!
There are thousands of weird stuffs in there so it's better if you visit in person.
Pictures can only give you the rough idea of what's inside but NOT ENTIRELY .


 Gross much.



 Last but not least, i really love the scenery there.
It's just so beautiful that you can stare at it whole day without getting sick of it.
Disagree with me? Pics will prove you wrong.


Our last night market in Taiwan would be SHI LIN MARKET <3 p="">
Mrt station : Jian Dan 
It's one of the largest night markets in Taipei so go if you have the chance.
The stuffs sold there are not particularly cheap but definitely better than Xi men ding.
Apparently, we discovered plenty of good food here so it's time to reward our stomachs.
Didn't snap any photos cuz both of my phone + camera died on me x.x

Ending the post with a collection of my unglamn photos.
Sometimes, being unglamn shows the real YOU!
So what's there to hide? LAUGH ALL YOU WANT, HAH ^^