Saturday, September 27, 2008

Went to bpp with sophia.
Go there shop shop shop.
Then went to playground ;x
LOL, i noe we are lame!
Had a great time there :DD
Then went home lerhs :)

Wake up 10.30 am then walk walk bang onto the wall.
GRR, sleepy head, LOL!
Then get ready went to tution.
Boring! :))
Thanks for ur present, ...
Went home eat lunch then make my way to ayaka house :D
HAHAS, reach there then cop ayaka 's ice cream.
Sad, no chocolate!
Awww, then play and slack.
After that then start on de project :)
Until 6 something then went home lerh :D
I really dunno who i should believe on.
But i know that i could only believe on myself.
I hope u won't let out the secret animore.
But i won't tell u anything again.
I should not have let out the secret to anione.

I know u treat me well, but i really dunno what to do.
If i accept u, i am gonna let u down.
I am sorry!
Maybe one day, i will be touched by ur doings.
Forget me bah :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1. Who ish y0ur cl0sest GIRL friend ?
- Sophia :D
- Jamie :D
- Yijia :D

2. Who ish y0ur cl0sest GUY friend ?
- Alvin

3. What ish dhe m0st sh0ckinqq thinqq i have f0und 0ut in my life ?

4. What are dhe reqquirrement dhat y0us wish dhe 0ther party have ?
- caring
-not flirty
-cute & handsome ;x

5. Wh0 ish currently my fav0urite teacher ?
- Miss Mayer

6 . D0 i believe in first siqqht ?
- Ya

7. Have i broken s0me0ne's heart until dhat pers0n wanted t0 c0mmit suicide ?
- Er NO! =.-

8. What d0 i expect t0 be my best day 0f my life ?
-When i with my love :D

9. Have i ever cried in sch00l bef0re ?
- Ya, duh =.=

10. D0 i have any reqqrets ? If y0us have a ch0ice , wart w0uld y0us d0 ?
- I dunno eh ;x

11. If y0us tell mii a secret , and a few days later , i hated y0us , will i reveal y0ur secret ?
- No

12. If i alm0st qq0rt hit by a car , and dhe qquy i likes saves mii , wart w0uld i say ?
- ILY ?

13. Which subject d0 i enj0y dhe m0st ?
- Music & Home econs

14. Wh0 d0 i hate dhe m0st in sch00l ?
- Dunno eh

15. Wart w0uld i d0 if a qquy suddenly kisses mii ?
-Slap him xD

16. Wart am i w0rse at ?
- Geog

17. H0w am i feelinqq n0w ?
- Sad becoz of frens T.T

18. Wart am i d0inqq n0w ?
- bloqqinqq

19. Wh0 am i with n0w ?
- myself .

20. Wh0 d0 i l0ve dhe m0st ?
- myself

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today went to old folk home after school.
ok las, quite fun & interesting.
Cause i get to know how they are.
LOL, i know i am being lame.
They are very pitiful uh.
Some elderly even told me how their children wad they did to them.
Damm bad canns.
Hate their stupid worthless children .
And i discover something,
de elderly there are childish ;x
Lols, cause they will ask us not to talk to her or him.
Like children, hahas.

If only u are the ones that tell me the truth.
I feel like asking u this question :
Do u like me?
If you don't, i will give up.
I really want, but i just can't stop falling in love with u
deeply and more deeply.
Maybe i shall accept hym in order to forget you.
ILY! I wish u are there ;x

Saturday, September 20, 2008

19 sep 08
Went to schh as usual.
Then slack during classs.
BORING siol !
After school, went mac to eat.
Eat until so FULL!
Then went back to classroom.
Saw jiaying, chat & pei her eat lunch.
Just nice sit opposite him with tat lao ah pei.
Sad he never scold me uh ><
Or else can quarrel le ;X
Dunno why we all started laughing.
Saw his smile, damm nice can!
Sians, still remember him.
Must JIAY0US and forget him uh.
After tat went to npcc.
Stupid do 3 hr drills.
GRRR, i wish i could quit NPCC!
Thanks bryan for sending me home.


You are cute.
You are nice.
You are like an angel to me.
Ur smile are simply PERFECT!
Should I forget you or love you?
I dunch know.
I just can't stop loving you!
I know i am foolish :((

Thursday, September 18, 2008

am just the foolish ones that had been waiting for you
but in the end i earn nothing.
So i decided to stop everything.
I am gonna FORGET you wholeheartedly by my determination.
But hoping that it will last :D
Sians I miss my hair :OOOOOOO
GRR, i regret cutting my hair siol.
Damm ugly right now.
To that LAO AH PEI : Dun be stupid las. Call me .... , u urself lei. Idoilt so old still come here kpkb.Who is the old ones? Anihow call me names for?I also never come kp u, guailan me for? Retard, i wan call u BAICHI, cannot uh. I shuang lei, stupid. I love calling u that so wad if u are older than me, still act like a small little kid. Pity you siol =.-Childish.So what if i guailan, I LIKE EH. U dunno anything then keep ur mouth shut thanks :D U are the ones that is acting like old auntie going market bargaining uh >< Everytime say wad i guailan, u veri pro ah. I dun even KNOW you, please dun extra leh. I also never kp you, you talk so much for? Lucky not same class as you or else i rather die ah. So old ler, die better =.- U are the ones that is acting guailan los, TOOT. I bet u tomr going to scold me again. Think i care? Why should i care a kid that never grow? If i care, i am just acting retarded, thanks :D Stupid freak, so old lerh, go die lasssss then i am going to the HAPPIEST ONES IN THE WOLRD.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Went to KBOX with gabriel, alvin, gervan, yijia, jasmine, sophia & ayaka.
To celebrate gabriel's birthday :D
It's sibeh fun los ><
And I discover that boys love to SING!
LMAOS, they sing until damm ...
Then went home around 6.45pm.
GRR, sians T.T
Anyone wan go play volleyball with me tomr??

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy birthday to sis bf & nicholas :D
Went with my family to IMM.
Bought a new telephone then shop there :D
Mama, bought me a pair of shoes!
After tat went to ah ma house xD
Eat mooncake then my cousins irritates me uh >< damm =.-

Happy birthday to me! :DD
Sorry i am just being lame xD
Thanks everyone for wishing me, ILY :D
Receive alot of present,HAPPY!
Hoping more next time, hahas :D
Had a wonderful day with Yijia, Jamie, Ayaka & Sophia :DD
Thanks babes xDD
I love you all!
PS: I m not a lesbian =.=
And i glad that jacinda & jia ying still remember my b-day!
Unexpected yea ;x
Thanks everyone :D

Kanna saboed by Bernice & Yijia :((

7 Things that scare me :
1. Rats
2.Scary ppl
6.Siao ppl ;x
7.Pervertic people

7 Things I like the most :
3. Volleyball
4. My monkey :D
5. Nice soft toys
6.Thrills implying to Roller Coaster
7.Having fun

7 Important things in my room :
1.My soft toys baobei
4.My boaster

7 Random facts about me :
2. Blurr
3.Keep having troubles
4. Dun like to study
5. Like to eat chocolate
6. Currently loving a shuaige
7. Loves my frens!

7 Things I plan to do before I die :
1.Get very good result 4 parents
2.Scold all my enemies
3.. Buy alot of things
4.Confess to my shuaige
5. Win my sisters
6. Get a new handphone in ASAP
7.Being loved

7 Things I can't do :
1. Scold my enemies
2.Scold vulgarities
3.Fail all my subject
4.Cannot be free-minded
6.Cry for some stupid reasons
7.Cannot shopping cause no money mah ;x

7 Things you're attracted to the opposite sex :
1. His cuteness
2.His shuainess ;x
3. His loveliness
4. He's adorable
5. He's handsome ;x
6. He is loved by me!
7. For no reasons :D

7 Things I always say :
1.lame shit
2.diao =.-
6. I love you!
7. Glenn PANG SUCKS !

End of my lovely quiz! BYE XD

Friday, September 12, 2008

I tried to treat u good and hope u could treat me better too.
But u keep showing off and show me ur attitude.
Wad kind of fren are you?
Even if u buey song oso cannot do this infront of me rite?
And stop showing off tat u have alot of frens.
U are so toot tat u dun even noe they hate you!
Because of ur character, almost every1 hate you.
**No offence**
I seriously hate ur character!
You just the same as .....
Forget it, you will never change ur slutty character.
Even ur best fren dun like you, if u can
Or get lost las =.-
No1 will like you with ur slutty character.
SORRY I am blunt :D

Thursday, September 11, 2008

If all these things didn't happen, I wouldn't be in this state.
Maybe its fate that wants me to do that.
I know i am mean of saying u all these, sorry.
I retreat my words, i am sorry.
You are once my best fren and once of my enemies.
I am too rash, realli.
After listening to wad ppl say about wad u say about me,
I will scold u and get veri angry .
I am sorry for scolding u all those hurtful words not implying to
Actually u treat me veri good, its just i do not appreciate it.
I tink that maybe we just remain this standard?
It would be better than before.
In my own view, if i get closer to you, there would be more quarrels
And i will started to hate you soon.
I am really scared that this will happen.

Ayaka, I swear i will be your eternal listener foreva!
Be happy, after rainy, it will be shiny!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am deeply in love with you, my dear :D
Finally i had forget him and continue to love my shuaige :DD
Every lesson seems boring, i wish he could be with my side :DD
I x33 VOLLEYBALL, its cool :D
Sians, tomr gt npcc.
Damm ;x I cannot see my shuaige lerhs ;x
And its going to be SO TIRING!!
Arghs, this friday have oral siol.

I saying you,madam =.=
I can't believe you are so clever.
Now they pangseh u then come find us.
Tink we rubbish dump collect rubbish uh?
..... Care to kick ur butt into there?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello Darlings !
Sorry i have not been updating recently.
LOL =.=
Firstly, i wan to thank jocelyn and eugene.
For helping me earn den in audi!!!
Thanks lots! PLS continue doing that :D
LOL, jk ;x
I am aiming the purple dress in audi >:)
Holidays is OVER!
Sians, my freedom is gone ;(
Back to the old place yeA.
Ytd slept at 12 midnight T.T
Can't sleep anyway, i am just hoping that i dun have ani EYEBAGS
Surprisingly, I woke up early!
Then went to school, chiong holidays' homewk :D
Times passes veri 'fast'.
Play volley with sophia.
Saw my ... , damm happy cans!
After a while, my ... played basketball!!
WOOTS, shuai dao.
JK hor :D
I wish i can see him everyday at that time , SWEET uh?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Not a good day :(
Went to IMM with sophia.
Try to sell cards in the mrt and had manage to sell 3 :DD
But after tat I only sold 2 cards, so unlucky :((
My target is to sell all of it but i could sell 35.
Sorry, i am too useless, can't even sell.
I shall try out on this saturday bah.
Lets CARRY on!
Then went to my house void deck play volley :D
But i hurt my hand after a few mins.
Suay canns!
I dunch noe if i can write los.
Sorry marmie for not spending time with you.
I promise i will try to, kays.
Haish now audi patch uh, da bian 1 :xx
Everytime Patch, patch, sians diao =.=

Sorry peeps for locking my blog.
It's because my blog is in chaos!
Hahas, i had change my skin xD
Nice mah??
Later going to jurong point with sophia xD
And now the 1A blogs is in chaos uh?
The anti-gangsters group better stop criticizing ppl.
Dun tink u veri good, thanks xD
Haish, now busy going out.
I only do 2 homewk siol =.=
Die liao :x

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Haish i realli dunno wad to do eh.
Now i have no house phone but have handphone.
Why can't i just have 2?
GRR, I am veri veri UNLUCKY.
Now even i have hanphone, i cannot upload pics to my comp
Anyone wan jio me out tomr?
I very sians narh :x
But morning I going SWIMMING with sis :D

GRR, u pissed me off again. I really hate ur characters =.=