Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'm always like this ever since i was young.
Just in short, i love the feeling of being like this.
*I know it's weird ...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Nothing to post about, just a random pic will do (:
Gg to finish watching "Protect the boss" already.
Got any nice shows to intro me??

Thursday, December 29, 2011


HELLO everybody , I'm back to post!
Hehes i've got a good news for MY DEAR READERS (:

I had just CUT MY HAIR for like app 8cm ??
Wanna take a look @ my new haircut ?
Hahah stayed tuned to next tues ( 2nd Jan ) post ...
I will post my short hair pic to you guys !
Look forward alright :DD

Actually i'm quite satisfied with my current hair.
I feel that a huge weight had been removed from my neck.
Haha got a shiok feeling lehh (:
But now i still can't used to the fact that my hair is short.
Like used too much shampoo, comb too much , or whatever crap.
Hahaha, just hope that my hair will not curl can already ^^

Going to ice-cream feast sponsored by Boss tomr.
YAY, i'm gg to eat like no TOMR.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's not worth it

After seeing this, you guys might think i'm an EXTREMELY
R.E.A.L.I.S.T.I.C person but well i agree too.
Why do i say so ?
It's ridiculous if you're stupid enough to be the option.
Your efforts is not recgonised, no matter what how much you do,
No one cares so it's just that ppl are taking advantage of you.
The worst part is you're just an useless tool.
You will be like a 24/7 dog always being there for him/her.
But when you need them, they just left you in the lurch.
Not caring/comforting , IT'S NOTHING AT ALL.
Excitement= Hopes= Expectations brings nothing but sorrow.
They just left without words to find someone new.
Don't you feel betrayed/ cheated?
It's like you really DID YOUR VERY BEST AS A FREN.
But what do you get in the end?
Nothing but sorrows .

That's how i felt before.
I knew the feeling is like.
I know it's hard to stop being the option.
But sometimes even if you can't , you MUST.
There will always be frens who just treat you like a
Substitute/ Invisible ppl.
For these kind of frens, IT'S BETTER IF YOU STAY AWAY FROM THEM.
That would probably prevent you from getting hurt.
When you know that you're the only one who is giving your best,
It's time to give up on your friendship.

No point being the stupid option that can never be the 1st priority.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Everlast ASCC!!!


Christmas "TRI-SOME" date with sisters (:
As said earlier, went to manhattan for dinner.
Spent like 1h waiting for seats/food , sian!
Didn't expect Causeway will be filled with ppl.
But anyway the food was awesome but filling.
Haha, now my pocket got 1 big hole already ):

Excited to eat, you know?!!??!
These 2 dishes (:

Hehhes, share the love ya~

It was a super FUN+ TIRING DAY FOR ME!
Enjoyed really a lot with my pri sch frens .
I'm glad that now i still stayed in contact with them ((:
Okk, back to updating ...
Hehehs around afternoon reached Yi Hui's house.
Then slacked around , chit-chat here a bit.
After that went downstairs for BBQ!!
The swimming pool is like so god damn TEMPTING.
Feel like jumping into the pool straight away!
So we did :)
Hehehs , please ignore my screwed hair.
Just look @ the pretty girl next to me can liao (:
Then went back her house to bathe !
After that helped to bbq the food , MY FIRST TIME!
Now i'm counted as an experienced BBQ COOKER ler ^^
Cooked until A LOT LEFTOVERS man , omggg~
Hahah, we kept on trying to find excuses to throw some away, OPS.
First , in order to clear those leftover food,
We played (indian poker & 007) - really fun games (:
Then took like quite fast to clear those food!
Next , we have CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE !!!!

& I got a water bottle!
Although that's not my fav colour but it's nice ^^
Thankfully, i'm in need of a water bottle!
After much contemplation, decided to stay over @ her house.
Everyone took turns to bathe.
Michelle & I accidentally used BODY SCRUB TO WASH OUR FACE.
No wonder we had the hot sensation after washing.
Luckily, there isn't any "ill" effects after using, H.E.N.G!
Played Mahjong with Ming Ni, Michelle, Shi Min, Zanda & Yi Hui.
Zanda & Yi Hui are like EXPERT CAN!
Sian, but luckily also lost a bit money (:
Then actually wan play poker, but everyone was too tired!
So we slept around 2am?
As i had smth on the next day, woke up @6.30am.
So early right?! :O Can't believe i'm not tired at all.
But as you know, the after effects of not enough sleep...

Enough of my rantings, ENJOY THE PICS YA~~~

I like this ^^
Fun family shot!
Candid shot (:

With Shi Min <3

Saturday, December 24, 2011


HELLO everybody!
Hope you guys will truly enjoy today & tomr!
Luckily this year didn't went for count down ..
I believe town would be filled with tons & tons of ppl.
Hehehs , now i'm staying @ home enjoying myself ;
Rather than squeezing with other ppl in orchard.
Count myself lucky :P

Had a great enjoyable day today!!
Hope tomr will be too, gg MALAYSIA TOMR!!
Awesome yeaa , (:
Today went to meet Yihan in the morning.
To pass her the birthday+xmas presents ..
Hehehs hope she really like it (:
Then went to Sophia's Church for an XMAS party.
Enjoyed the performance by them + the BUFFET.
Hehehs, ate a lot today yea!!
Sure gain weight der :P
After that went to causeway with my 2 beloved sisters.
Went to "The Manhattan" for dinner, waited for a long time -.-
But the food was really nice except that it is not v. filling.
Then went around shop shop , HOME SWEET HOME YEA!!

Gtg already, need to prepare for tomr.
So excited for the trip , good night !

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today is 冬至天!

HELLO EVERYONE, did you guys eat 汤圆 today?!
Hehehs , if you haven't , then that's too bad!
I enjoy eating tons & tons today, (Y)
One word : S.H.I.O.K ahh!!
Okk anyway today counted as rot at home x.x
Spent my whole day chiong-ing homework.
finally completed my a math (3/4 finished only)
LOL, still have my Science homework.
Damn, hope can finish by next week.
Everyday packed with things, );

Anyway i save $700 already!!
Just hope that i can 1 more hundred!
1 more will do ler lah ):
Tomr last day of work!
Hope i can earn as much as i can!
Must hit the most commission tomr!

Hehehs sorry for the self-encouragement.
Sounds really stupid -.-
Enough of all these crap, enjoy the photos bah (:

Idiot person behind us -.-


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How realistic this is

I'm sick of those frens that just
COME & GO...
Actually i really prefer them saying that to me.
At least i will be mentally+ physically prepared.
I really wish for EVER-LASTING FRENS.
But how many are there ?
Maybe 1 out of 100? oh gosh...
Then i need to wait for miracle to happen .
I really cherish every bit of my friendship but still
There are frens that are just temporary.
When they need you, they will come to you.
When they dun need you, they will shun you away.
How realistic those frens are?

Really starting to lose faith in friendship.
It's like all of it are so vulnerable .

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tiring day!!

Worked from 10am in the morning
Until 8pm at night!
Tiring to the max yeaaa..
I think i had already yawned for thousand times already.
Work is also extremely boring today ):
Cause no customers at all = S.I.A.N
Tomr gg there work already , hope
If not, i can only go home eat grass ler ):
The food sold there were also *thumbs down
Wonder what can i eat tomr :///


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011


ANYEONG EVERYBODY, I'm finally back yea ^^
Sorry for the lack of update yeaa.
Busy working/ doing my friend's card (:
Need to chiong to make my friend birthday card ler!
Today is a happy but SUAY day for me...
Get ready coffee cause it's gg to be a longggyyyy post (:

H.A.P.P.Y cause it's my dad birthday (:
& Went out with clique to town to shop.
Spent like $50 in Scape flea market, OH NO ):
Town was like super duper CROWDED man...
Can't imagine what would it be like when it's Christmas :O
The things sold there were super cheap okkk!
Bought a real AWESOME bracelet , super cool man ^^
Although it's quite pricey but still WORTH IT :D
Had a lot of chit-chatting with them, bonding session ACHIEVED!

U.N.L.U.C.K.Y day due to the impromptu rain -.-
Seriously stupid man, made me stand in the rain like an idiot.
Was cycling half way to my popo house when SUDDENLY
my bike broke down, AWESOME -.-
Then nvm, need to walk to my po po house.
After that when i was about to bring my bike back,
It started raining REAL HEAVILY .
Like so random sia, drenched to the hell max...
After that i did complain a little about the rain (edit abit)
Haha, in the end got my retribution.
When i was about to go out, it started raining AGAIN.
S.t.u.p.i.d shit really, so unlucky right?!

Hahah actually i want you guys to see my
"cat " smile (the line under my left eyes) & my deep eyebags!
My first time getting such deep eyebags, DIE LIAO!
Must sleep early already uh >.<
Ytd went to my pri sch gathering !
Hehes, although we were almost stuffed to death,
It was really fun (:
Especially the playing childhood games part!
(Eg: catching/ice-man/virus)
Even though we're slightly old already,
Hahah, hope we can play again someday (:
It's really fun if you play in a large group yea~

Okkkie tata ^^

Thursday, December 15, 2011

That's what friends are for

No matter what you do,
I will still stay by your side to be your 守护天使
Always waiting for you to turn to me when you need me.
When you need :
A shoulder to cry/lean on,
A helping hand
A listening ear
M.E to cheer you up

Just feel free to call me.
I know that when you're hurt, i can't heal your wounds.
But i will make sure you will not get hurt anymore.

That's me, i will do my best as a friend.
Just deeply remember i will be there no matter what happens.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fake smile

Hello everybody i'm back ^^
Hehehs today went to work , BIG ACHIEVEMENT (:
Now i finally save up $500 already!!
Left $500 more, FIGHTING :D
Being a promoter really makes me proud cause it's damn fun!
Especially when you need to handle those challenging ones (:
Hope tomr work have a lot of customers also!

Haish, now i'm getting worried.
Next year will be my O' levels ler..
Actually should booked 1 month to study !
But now, everyday packed like hell.
Either is go out or work, OMG manz.
Like that how to study uh?! LOL
I think can finish my homework will be a miracle ler :O
But nevertheless, i will still J.I.A.Y.O.U !!~

I tried but i can't

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That's me

I tried but i can't

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wonderful day!

Hehes HELLO everybody, I'm back ^^
Got my pay today, DIRECT CASH YEA..
Although it's less than $100 but it's still (Y)
About to save $500 ler, YAY!
Going nearer to my goal, FIGHTING :D

This friday will be pri sch reunion!
Hehehs, so excited yea..
So many of my pri sch frens are gg, AWESOME YEA.
Finally can see them after 4 years .
Can't wait for friday ^^

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Woots, HELLO readers, I'm finally back ^^
Sorry for the REALLY LATE UPDATE nowadays.
Had been chiong-ing my work all along (:
Hmm , so far only complete my homework for just 1/4?
LOL, currently working hard to EARN MORE MONEY~
My aim is to earn $1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Though it's a bit unrealistic but hope i can achieve, ROFL!

I. NEED.TO . WORK !!!!!!
Next whole week will be packed with work ^^
Okkie gg to watch running man ler..
Bye ^^

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One-sided love

I'm "proud" to say that i'm always into 1-sided love.
That might also be the reason why i'm still single now...
Because when i like someone, i will go all out for him.
Not that kind of asking him out , taking the 1st move or smth.
But just cowardly/secretly notice him ; doing stupid stuffs.
& Can you believe it ?
I can like a person for 3 years!
Woots, that's the most unbelievable one sided love.
The reason why i refuse to give up :

Is because


When sadly, he doesn't...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


HELLO everyone, I'm back to blogging ^^
Mummy realised a big change that happened on my face.
Check this out, i want to see whose eyes are sharper!

This is my past picture when i'm in sec 2.

Anyone spotted my chin ?
Haish, my face became much thinner compared to last time.
Last time, still had some baby fats on my cheeks.
But now , it's NOT VISIBLE at all!!
Only @ the cheek area but it's cheek bone!
Damn it man , i want my face to go back to the past ):
So i will strive hard to gain more weight!
So that my face will become rounder, FIGHTING!!

Time for some updating ~~
Currently J.O.B.L.E.S.S~
If anyone have some jobs for me, PLEASE TELL ME..
Or add in msn-
I really despo for jobs yea ):
Anyway i had just changed my blog song like FINALLY.
Do listen alright (:


Sunday, December 4, 2011

HEY readers, I'm back to blog againn~~~
Sorry for the lack of update, had been busy with earning money!!
MONEY more important right :DDD
Hehes, here's the update makeup for last wed .
Jia Wen & I went to CWP (:
Hmm watched the "Already Famous" movie !
Rate it 9/10 , very nice indeed (:
Also , went around shop shop , shared secrets :P

Enjoy ! (:

Candid shot ^^
Spastic face!
Nice shot :)
My mouth is so (*&^*(%^%#%@$
HAH, best unglamn photo!

Hehehs, cute right ?!?!?!

Okie done, goodbye ^^

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Reasons why i'm feeling so down today :

  1. Overslept, SHIT!! Almost late for work, SIAN.
  2. FLU+COUGH+SORE THROAT (terrible)
  3. Lunch - kanna bullied by some aunties , sian ttm...
  4. Idiot boss came late = me gg home late
  5. LATE FOR TKD, rushed like crazy
  6. In the end , train stopped for 15 mins (IDK FOR WHAT)
  7. Zzz, seriously SUAY..
  8. Then almost choked while eating my dinner ):

Haish, S.I.A.N.
Today work also haven't get my pay yet.
Totally hate that irresponsible boss nor >:(
Enough of my rants ler, tata ^^

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't be afraid to change

Almost 99% of the people in the earth think like this .
This is a vicious cycle & unchangeable .
I'm sure only 1% does not care about what ppl think of them.
The 1% ppl belongs to -crazy/saint people.
It is easier said than done ,
But everyone cares about what other ppl think of them!
Because of this reason, some ppl didn't show their true self.
They are afraid that ppl might have negative thoughts about them.
But ironically is by not showing their trueself,
It's called F.A.K.E people.
So i actually quite sympathise ppl like them.

As for me , i care about what other ppl think of me.
Especially my frens ...
So i expect them to tell me if i'm wrong in some ways .
I want my frens to be truthful to me.
If they are, i will show my true self out .
If they are displeased with me in some ways ,
I will make sure i changed .
This is how life is, isn't it ?
We must all learn to accept changes, right?