Sunday, March 29, 2015

2016 PLAN

Late night thoughts again...

I'm just so glad that i didn't delete my blog despite leaving it to rot for so long.
Because it is a perfect platform for me to write out my true feelings & trace my thoughts.

After contemplating for ages, I've finally decided what i want.
I know it's still early to make plans for the future.
But i really can't wait to pen down the thoughts I've in mind right now.
For these past 2 years, I've been giving my best in everything i do.
Be it driving or studying.
Trust me, I've never been so serious in my entire life.

And today,
I asked myself this question 
"Why am i slogging so hard for?"
Initially, my aim was "I want to enter local university and attain a degree at least"
Because it's clearly the fact that:
In Singapore, you cannot go anywhere without a degree.
And i regret to mention that I was not born from a wealthy family as well.
That's why i was so scared that if i didn't enter university, my future will be bleak.

The most common question asked by many was :
"What do you want to do in the future?"
In my business school, most of them replied " I want to be an entrepreneur"
It's rather admiring of course but sadly, I've no interest.
My answer would be rather straightforward- I want to be a property agent in the future.
Which led to my next point :
Why do you need a degree when you're going for the sales industry?
Isn't it good enough if you are a silver tongued speaker?
At first, i thought that being outspoken and talkative would be able to make it.
But nope, you have to be eloquent enough in order to convince your customers.
If you speak like a kid aimlessly, you can never clinch the deal.

So for the sake of my future,
I've thought of 3 things that i wanted to do.

Idk how many times I've mentioned this on my blog, my English is still unacceptable.
So i want to change the way i speak, of course to a more profound way
Starting from now.
I don't want to waste time regretting why i did not fix my English when i have the chance to.
Lai chien qin, there's no time for contemplation.
It's either you do it now or just forget about it and continue to be a country bumpkin.

2. Make it to local university
Yes, I've mentioned this before too.
To be honest, my current GPA is only 3.47
Well, this GPA is even worse than my first sem which was 3.5
No matter how hard i tried, i just can't seem to increase my GPA
How am i gonna make it to local uni when my current GPA is only like this?
And i'm only left with the last sem to pull up my grades 
Do you honestly think it's possible?

So I've thought about it.
Yes, i'm referring to my future.
It's time to face the reality and be prepared for the worst.
If i couldn't make it to local university, I'm not gonna choose SIM straightaway.
Sorry, I've never had a good impression of SIM honestly.

3. Apply for SIA- to become an air stewardess.
I know this aspiration is a bit far fetched and people might even think i'm joking or whatever.
But i'm serious.
Since I'm not born to be good at anything, this is a good opportunity to try something new.
I really wanted to try ...
Despite all the rumors and difficulties I've heard, I'm still going to try. (no matter what)
But if i fail, i'm gonna apply for SIM or i would join the work society.

Nothing brings you down if you become your own inspiration.
So that's the aim i'm going for. 

So, that concludes my 2016 PLAN which will only commences after my graduation.
Which i'm left with exactly 1 more year before I've to make a tough decision.
Till then, bye

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