Friday, December 12, 2014


Hello readers.
I'm here to save my half dead/dead blog hahaha.
Well as you can see, i'm blogging less and less often.
And i can only think of one reason.
Can you believe that half of the school term is coming to an end?!?!!
When it felt like school just started only the day before.
Now i fully understand why the older you get, the lesser time you have.
Still rmb how i used to yearn for the arrival of holidays when i was in year 1.
But now...
 In a blink of an eye; Holidays is just round the corner.
And guess what? There's no time for you to enjoy
Because in one month's time, I've to start preparing for final exams.
But THANK GOD that my exams falls before new year's.
If not, i really dk how i'm gonna survive this dreadful ordeal..
Of bringing your books along while going house visiting ? 

As the saying goes,
"The higher you climb, the harder you fall"
Honestly, i'm really afraid.
I really don't want to fall.
Cause i know the moment i fall, there's no turning back.
I can't get back to the same as before...
Tell me what i should do.

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