Saturday, October 29, 2016

A goal without a plan is just a wish...

Major #tb to the days when I had bangs & red hair hah

Well, hi i'm back in action HAHAAH. My apologies, for taking such a long hiatus as evident that my blog is dead since 1 year ago lol. It's crazy because whenever I think back, I used to blog about every single thing in my life, be it anger, sadness, happiness and excitement. I used to be so crazy over blogging that I would blog almost daily (in 2008) haha but as the year passed, I started to take it for granted. Honestly, one of my reasons for blogging is also to keep track of my life because MEMORIES are G.O.L.D man, trust me. You prolly wouldn't feel anything RIGHT now, obviously, as you get older, you would start to think back about the past. As for me, THIS is the best source for me to look back how many stupid things I've blogged over the past 8 years (ever since 2008). Well, who knows that maybe my future children would be stalking me through this blog? CHEH just kidding. 

So the main reason why I'm finally back is to announce 2 things:

*Serious Mode ON*
  1. Currently, I'm studying at SIT (Accountancy)

Disclaimer: I swear that I have never ever considered being an ACCOUNTANT in my entire life. No fucking way, no offence. And people have been asking me then wtf why are you in this course? Blame it on my stubbornness, stupidity and silliness. The honest truth is that SIT is the only local university that has accepted me and okay I TRIED, I really tried my best to convince myself that i should go for it? WHY? For the same reason like what everyone believes in;  to learn a skill and cheers to a better future. Well, after I joined SIT, I finally realised how stupid this thought was. Not trying to act like the smartest person on earth but honestly, you should really study what you love or at the very least what you are MOST interested with. Don't be like the gullible me, who thinks that i might not like the course now but yea maybe i would grow to like it. Seriously, there is no such thing that YOU MIGHT GROW TO LIKE IT (someday). I can only think of ONE word to describe and that is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is exactly like LOVE, if right from the start, you have no feelings to begin with, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO START LIKING SOMEHOW? Maybe for some people, it works. But definitely, not for my case. All i know is this journey is going to be REAL TOUGH and prolly the toughest shit in my entire life especially when you have 0 passion. Every single day, I am filled with so many conflicting thoughts that i can ever imagine. From thinking of giving everything up >quiting school VS convincing myself that I shouldn't and hang in there because I have to. All my SIT friends couldn't believe that I can still work and study at the same time despite the amount of stress to be dealt with daily.
Which brings me forward to the next point ...

FYI- you can click the X button on the right, don't say i didn't warn ya :D 

     2. I'm an official FINANCIAL CONSULTANT 

This is by far the most AMAZING yet challenging achievement unlocked throughout my entire life. Well, I couldn't deny further that this is one of my proudest moments too especially for someone like me who has nothing good to be proud of. Honestly, some people whom shall not be NAMED (haha) gave me some negative feedback on this. That's expected, in fact it's actually normal. Many people have this misconception that Insurance is just money bloodsucker and we, being the financial consultants, are the culprits for making it to work. I can't deny that I actually shared the same thought before I joined this line. Well, you would never know how important things are, not until the day when you realised you need it but you don't have it. And that's how i would describe Insurance. All these years, your parents have been paying the insurance premiums all along and thank god nothing happened to you, so you feel that Insurance is a waste of money and you cancelled it. Well, *touch wood* but one day if something actually happens to you; your hospital bill starts piling up to more than you could ever imagine. That's when you realised that *shit just got real*, and reality hits you that you have to pay everything on your OWN (meaning to sacrifice your hard-earned SAVINGS) for something that is not within your control. Now, touch your heart and ask yourself whether it's worth it to use up your entire savings for it? 

It's just the same mythology of saving up for rainy days. Nobody said that it was going to rain everyday but why do people still bother to bring umbrellas out despite the fine weather? Simply because the reason is that you can never predict the weather, just like your future. The weather might be sunny at this period of time but a strange turn of events might change the weather to be otherwise.

Honestly, I really find that being a financial consultant is very meaningful as you get to help people, not because you need but you WANT to. And that's my passion because I want to help as many people as I can. Not trying to play the sympathy card here but for those people who know exactly who I am, they know that I would do this right. And I want to take this opportunity to thank all my family and friends who are very very very SUPPORTIVE of me for this, I'm really thankful. Without you guys, I wouldn't have the courage to do this, thanks for having so much trust in me. I will do you proud (: 

Till next time,

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